Unknown Wedding

AND THE SAGA CONTINUES... This the eve of your destruction and the beginning of my passe life as it may be.The rose colored veins pulsating within the destiny I am forced.; to be here on this planet. You humans offer such little entertainment and limited life support for me. But as the full moon comes into veiw, my world awakens and my senses are sharper than any wild animal ever to walk this earth. As we know I am to be rejoined by my soulmate in your world which in essence will be the downfall of humanity as you've known it. He is the Princce of Darkness and the Chosen Annialitator. We have all known before time began that he would come one night to rule all your pitiful destinies and fates that you have bestowed upon yourselves!! His punishment is worse than any nightmare you earthlings could ever image... The Bells are tolling...I must go and be of him now, this is the eternal life I am destined to die. It has all been preordained.Ye of little faith will not escape our HUNGER!!!!

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