Thurst Upon My Hunger


Well, my friends we meet again! Friend or Foe I do not know nor do I care for either is my lifeline. You can't imagine how I hunger for fresh blood, the stale and rankness of yesteryears are beyond me now. Would you be willing to cum into my chambers and feel the ectasy I hold only for you? Yes my sweet I am here waiting to fill you up with all my lives. You will experience a moment of utter and total fullness, reaching up into your throat. You will taste the salt of your earth and feel the death of mine. For just one last breath she will offer you eternal darkness in exchange for your soul. My wife is not as pleasing as she would be for I have kept her away to long, she knows no boundries and keeps no relics.This being the first feeding in more than 100 years we are doomed to engulf your world and consume it as quickly as possible!!!

My Bloody List

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redboots time away from time

Cum on in and we'll count again!!